Time to invest in real estate in Istanbul

Located on two continents, Istanbul is the largest and most economically developed city in Turkey. In addition, Istanbul is country's main cultural, historical, commercial and industrial center. With a population of 16 million inhabitants Istanbul is the largest city in Europe and a very attractive location for capital investment. Annual population growth is 3%. Since mid-1990s, the economy of Istanbul has...

Real Estate in Portugal For Sale

Investing in real estate in Portugal

In this post, I`m going to tell what makes Portugal such an attractive place for investors. Portugal offers very attractive possibilities in terms of investing in real estate and we see considerable potential here. The country has arguably the best climate in continental Europe, is member of the EU and has sustainable health care system. Recently, the Portuguese economy has been steadily improving:...


Why we love real estate

In this first post we`d like to tell you why we love real estate. For us real estate is not only a house, a flat, a plot of land or whatever it may be that we have to deal with. Most important element of it is working with people. This is the industry, where professionals help Client to make significant choice about a home they will purchase and perhaps spend the rest of their life in. A real estate...

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