Return on investment in London property market

Return on investment in London property market

Investing in the London property market remains a reliable and profitable area for capital investment. London, like the UK in general, has one of the most stable real estate markets. Property prices have been growing steadily here over the past 20 years. Even if prices drop, as it was during the 2008-2009 crisis, such a drop is of a short-term nature and the market quickly recovers. London is a developed,...


Time to invest in real estate in Istanbul

Located on two continents, Istanbul is the largest and most economically developed city in Turkey. In addition, Istanbul is country's main cultural, historical, commercial and industrial center. With a population of 16 million inhabitants Istanbul is the largest city in Europe and a very attractive location for capital investment. Annual population growth is 3%. Since mid-1990s, the economy of Istanbul has...

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