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Should you buy property in Cyprus?

For more than ten years, Cyprus remains an attractive location in terms of investment in real estate sector. The country is also known for its high-quality education, excellent healthcare, mild climate and highly developed financial market. This small island state is a member of the European Union, part of the Eurozone, WTO, World Bank and has one of the most liberal tax systems. Thanks to its location,...


Why buy real estate in Montenegro?

Montenegro, the small Balkan state has a well-developed infrastructure, world-class hotels, a mild climate, beautiful nature and a steadily growing economy. Its tiny territory is covered with mountains, forests, rivers and lakes. More than 8% of the territory falls on nature protection zones, which makes this place one of the best for those who love ecological tourism. The country`s main natural asset, of...

Real Estate in Portugal For Sale

Investing in real estate in Portugal

In this post, I`m going to tell what makes Portugal such an attractive place for investors. Portugal offers very attractive possibilities in terms of investing in real estate and we see considerable potential here. The country has arguably the best climate in continental Europe, is member of the EU and has sustainable health care system. Recently, the Portuguese economy has been steadily improving:...

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