The UK real estate market. Types of ownership

Since 1925, in English law, there are only two forms of legal land ownership: full ownership (freehold) and a long-term lease (leasehold). Foreign citizens can acquire real estate in the UK in full ownership or lease it for a long term. Freehold or full ownership of real estate is the ownership of a land plot and the buildings on it for a period desired by the owner with the right to fully dispose of his...

Return on investment in London property market

Return on investment in London property market

Investing in the London property market remains a reliable and profitable area for capital investment. London, like the UK in general, has one of the most stable real estate markets. Property prices have been growing steadily here over the past 20 years. Even if prices drop, as it was during the 2008-2009 crisis, such a drop is of a short-term nature and the market quickly recovers. London is a developed,...

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